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Goddess Figure

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Cao Zhi's works, in addition to map

Chinese Name: Chen Mi alias: Zhen Shi, Fumiaki Zhen Queen Nationality: Chinese Nationality: Chinese Place of birth: Zhongshan Promise


Basic Information About Goddess Figure Goddess original brief description chart About works of artistic value BIOGRAPHY

basic information [Name]: Goddess diagram (Song duplicate) [Class]: [years] calligraphy: Song [originally] Heritage: Summer Palace treasures originally [1] [ ],[Fu, Goddess Figure displacement of Gu Kai's Scroll through the reiterated and Mi Fei Cao Zhi (Roselle) image, describing the emotional dynamic among them, vividly express the adore and Cao Zhi of Roselle for The Goddess Figure terse portrayal (1) literati painters males, painting subject matter scope. (2) According apt the poet Cao Zhi's scholastic theme shaping the image and arrange the plot. Drawn a melancholy lingering perennial painting. (3) portray vivid characters look, highlight the theme, naturalistic path. Concise and elegant lines, elegant colors brighter. Environment wealthy in the decorative shade. (4) reflects the level of the Eastern Jin Dynasty Chinese painting. Gu Kai's aesthetic completions of the painters by namely period alternatively afterward have a premonitory shock. Original yellow early annuals, extra than toward the capital, merely too economy Luochuan. The ancients had a saying, the god of water, Sri Lanka, it is called Mi (fú) Princess. Song of Chu Goddess sense entities, then assigned for Sri Lanka, in their expressions, saying: I domain from Beijing, the words go east flare, behind Yique, extra House, pass through the ravine, mounds Jingshan. On either the west-dipping, the car is needless nag difficulty. Seoul is the responsibility driving nearly Heng Gao, Mo Si almost Shibata, tolerance and peace Yang Lin, streams ogle almost Luochuan. So fine shake of God Hai, Yan thought suddenly strewed. Temperature is not scrutinized, Shu Yang apt view. See a charm, by the River Rock. Is notified help Yuzhe said: penetrate, but almost no? its Zhuangruo Ho, Chen obliged beyond apt. Come January, whether the safeguard Qingyun, if the stream of the wind Gone with the Wind Come back to the sleet. Far and we wish for, if the sun rose sunny glow. Force and police it, scalding out if the Lotus Lu Bo. Te-fiber, mend short heterozygosity. If the shaved elbow, waist, such as some units. Extension of the neck show items, quality Hao Cheng Lu, Ze-free plus, Magnificence Vladimir Yu. Yunji Mindanao Mindanao, eyebrow shaping mutual Juan, appearance the Long ruddy lip, pearly teeth in fresh. Good shine eyes gaze, dimple auxiliary bearing right, Rose Yan Zi Yi, Miriam static body busy. Tenderness Chuo-state, pro language. Masterpieces of weird clothes, as should bone chart. Troy's magnetism Phi Xi Cui, Zhi Hua Ju Pi Yao Joel. Chui's dressing gold jewelry, jewelry decorated with Yao footer. Lu Jian Wen peregrination to far lands, tug the light smog raw silk garment. Micro Orchids of Fang Ai Xi, hesitant step above the mountain corner. So sudden fall longitudinal body to journey to activity. Left-leaning mining Mao, the right screen Gui flag. Throw into muddle Hao Wan Hu Come on God, weird mining turbulent Seto Chi. I adore their Shuk Mei Yue Xi, Yi center prefer than flap. Huan Xi unscrupulous medium in mandate to access, microwave and care through the speech. Like the 1st of Xi Cheng Su, jade to be the solution. Sigh prettiness of the letter fix Xi, Raymond and Ming Qiang Shi. Come along and Joan to the anti-refers to the duration of deep potential. Xi Juan Juan of enforcement of terms, I terror Sling of bullying. Made sense to pay fair the abandoned Xi, despair hesitation and misgiving. Collection and Xi Yan and Seishi, to apply anti-self-sustaining award. So influenced at Yan Luo, Xi Yi detriment. SG grasp, first and foremost glimpse yin yang. Acquire light-footer to heli that if the fly without Xiang. Tu Yu Jian pepper mighty, skinny Liufang tread Heng. Yong Mu Xi Yin for long, melancholy sound of Li and Mi long. Seoul is the All Souls complicated, life-chou Xiao Lu. Or melodrama wash, or Xiangshen instance. Or to adopt a pearl, or pick up Cui Yu. The second from Nanxiang Princess, carrying Hanbin Tour women. Sigh gourd melon's unique Xi, Yong cows of being solo. Light of the luxurious Xi Yi Yang, shade fix sleeve to tarry queue. Body hasty flying mallard, precarious if the God. Lingboweibu, Luo socks raw dust. Impermanence is moving, if peril if safety. Only into the difficult duration, if if has to. Switch to ogle stream nice, smooth Yuyan. With speech is no spit, gas if the orchids. Huarong graceful, so I forgot meal. So near the air screen shade, later the River Jingbo. Feng Yi-ming drums, Goddess Qing Song. Salmon to the police by Teng, Ming-kai Yuluan to necrosis. Long Yan Qi six of its first, the capability of American cars involving smoke. Whale salamander bound and folders navel, and for waterfowl Xiang Wei. So the more north, over Nangang, Yu Su-collar, behind to the Qing Yang, Xu moving lips to words, the migrate of Chen contour. Henren the word of God Shu Xi, indignation prime of Mo when. Anti-Xi Luo sleeve of a gown to cover tears, tears lapel of waves waves. The permanent memorial ambition be absolutely nice fortune, decease and mourning a diplomatic land. No micro-situation in array to efficacy love Come, south of Xian Ming. Although the potential in the moon, bring a long heart to the potentate. Their families suddenly come to their senses, despair God night and opacity. So back beneath the mounds tall ample to God to reside. Left to assume the position, Gu Wanghuai fret. Ji Ling body of complex shape, Imperial container and traced. Floating anti-Changchuan forgetting, analytic rain, and by Mu. Dedicated and insomnia the night, mallet to the Shu complex frost. Servant husband and life on the steer, happiness almost go East. Bridle to hug anti-policy, despair and not to linger. Artistic worth of the In fact, Cao Zhi Fu and both this and have it, it both In increase, its plot a complete, varied, and manner significant way so they are less than for the previous works. Historically it has a quite roomy and far-reaching shock. Sin Jin Dynasty calligrapher and painter Gu Kai, have the To the Southern Song and Yuan and Ming dynasties, some of the dramatist in turn onto the stage, Wang Daokun's The antique writers on this subject, penetrate Yong who in poetry, is even more laborious to obtain a few more dollars. See Cao Zhi, About works of 1 of China's altitude ten noted painting. The native According to Cao Zhi's notable painting of the This volume on the Song copy retained in some ways the masterpiece of Gu Kai digit of specifics, golden under the glimpse of the ink can look away. Full volume is divided into 3 chapters,Qingzhao, twists and turns but a structured and detailed picture of the Roselle Cao Zhi and the pure sincere love article. Density figures arranged properly in a assorted space and time indeed turn, overlap, exchange,Kedihua, and in the mountains and scenery drew on, all show a spatial beauty. The This painting is one conspicuous poet Cao Zhi Wei's prominent Gu Kai's This scroll using humorous paperback form, with the changes in the context so that Cao Zhi and Roselle repeated. Fu in the native specification of Roselle, such as have a vivid exposition of the ecstatic. This painting with color dignified simplicity, with a scrupulous Color Painting features. Set off the outlook as trees and rocks are sketched with lines, no cracked rub, and logged in the history of masterpiece Original specification of the poet in love frustration, not combined with loved ones, through Allegory, in the imagination of space for their own side of the beauteous fairy with the Lo Lo meet God, to unlock his broken-hearted sweetheart of the lost and miss. This volume nicely convey the aboriginal Fu ideological class, in the painting, we tin clearly ascertain the idea conveyed by the original. It is another painting in the territory not less, Expand the picture, I saw standing on the coast face stagnant Cao Zhi, a couple of youthful looking far waves on the Roselle, love longing. Giving her a tall cake and the cloud, the wind the sky the belt, to the wave carried away on a wave of Roselle from heaven feeling. She likewise wishes to remain, among pride, showing feelings of admiration. Shown signs of, the entire filmed in the artist arranged Roselle meet anew and Cao Zhi, falling Wife, the terminal Bunai romance Roselle, Yun drove 6 cars in the cloud gradually go, leaving this location Nan Jin Cao Zhi onshore side of the day, consider of the last disinclined to bear to depart. Which can not be sobbing laugh, ambition to equitable affectionate ago, maximum are moving. Simple pen nice fresh whole painting, equitable as Naive painting mountains and antique trees and rocks, the so-called This chart volume in terms of content, masterly architecture, role fashion, the context, and pen and ink depicting the extravaganza of form, are worthy of classical Chinese painting in one of the treasures. BIOGRAPHY Gu ??Kai (almost 344 -405 years), the word health, small print tiger. Eastern Jin Dynasty epoch artists in China, Wuxi, Jiangsu,9 nonagenarian philanthropy near apt 10 years 61 y, Nanjing, almost 364 years for the sarcophagus in the Temple, painted Vimalakirti like, caused a emotion. 366 years when the Grand Marshall to combine the legion, 392 years Yanzhong Kan joined the militia, was promoted to Sanqichangshi 405. Kai Gu many as before, working Poetry, good calligraphy, when the person is referred to as , flowing lines, that the With a Gu Kai School artiste from the Health Association, the most proficient at drawing figures, the Eastern Jin Dynasty Gu Kai great Mingshixiean that the portrait is unprecedented. Descendants to annotate on its picture: Italian deposit pen first, to make meaning in the painting, ink well, stretching tight Jin; their strokes, such as spring silkworm silk, light and flat, refreshing and Emotion, known as subtle, unpredictable morale lapel. And modeled his Southern Song Exploration Lu, Liang Zhang priest forced fatigue, saying The Exploration with the land collectively, the Paintings track the Existing He is currently the only chip of work is handed down, copy of a Fu Zhang. From the upon, covered with the original 8th century, the emperor's ticket collectors and history, were after the Gold and Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and others inscriptions and painted a bunch of Emperor Qianlong individually orchids. Gu Kai after painting his signature, this picture may have the world's first artist signed painting. References 1

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